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      Why partner with Planet Home?

      Planet Home is a global community of Solutionists – industry leaders, cultural icons, and everyday people who are dedicated to solving the planet’s greatest challenges. We bring together businesses, non-profits, artists, and advocates to create innovative solutions that promote a way of living better on our planet. With people like Bill Nye, Snoop Dogg and CEOs of major corporations in our network, our partners gain access to the global reach of our community.

      Why become a vendor at the Planet Home marketplace?

      By joining our marketplace, your products will reach a global audience of highly engaged consumers who are eager to support environmentally conscious brands. Our shoppers are dedicated to sustainability and they’re always looking for new and exciting products to support their eco-friendly lifestyle.

      What products can you sell at Planet Home?

      (not sure how specific we want to get here. General? Categories? List some examples?)

      What are the qualifications for a Planet Home vendor?

      Vendors are sorted into 3 tiers of membership, each with their own qualifications.

      Planet Home Community 

      You meet at least 3 of the following conditions:

      • We use recycled or upcycled materials in our products.
      • We minimize packaging in our shipments and use recycled packaging whenever possible.
      • We have a company policy of energy conservation and reduce, reuse, recycle.
      • We reduce our carbon footprint whenever possible.
      • We support equality and human rights.

      Planet Home Endorsed

      (the qualifications in the form are long, we should summarize here or put the most important parts)

      Planet Home Certified

      You meet all of the following qualifications:

      • You are an enterprise or large entity
      • You have robust, complex environmentally conscious products, practices, values 
      • You are open and will discuss with our team for full vetting and understanding